Airfans Blowers & Systems (ABS) is an ISO 9001:2008 TUV Nord German Certified Company with D&B Registered Company & established designer and manufacturer of industrial 
air movement products, supplying products to a Global audience either directly or through its extensive network of Distributors network of Distributors. We are confident and 
proud that ABS is a World Class performing company both in terms of providing customers with high quality air movement products, backed up with superb customer service and 
competitive pricing.

Air Movement Specialists since 2002

ABS’s business has a proven record in air movement engineering, a history that goes as far back as the 1960′s. The Company is now a major force in the field of industrial 
fans that encompasses ABS also designs and supplies further added value products which includes its Material Handling Equipment both Mechanically & Pneumatically as well 
as Pollution Control Equipment such Dust Collector, Fume & Chemical Gas Scrubber . A comprehensive catalogue of accessories is available that assists with both new 
installations and ongoing maintenance requirements

AIRFANS Divisions......


Pedestal Fan, Wall Mount Fan, Tubular Fan, Roof Ventilators, Pitch Variable Vane Tube Axial Fan, Exhaust Fan, Tube Exhaust Fan, 
Cold Storage Fan, Humidifier Fan, Benson Fan


Moose Furnace Blower & LAP Burner, Rolling-Mill 0 Furnace Blower & Burner, Ceramic Kiln Blower & Burner,
Boiler I.D., F.D., P.A. & S.A. Fan, Spray, Fluid-Bed & Flash Dryer Blower, Hot-Mix Plant Blower & Burner, Cooling Tower Axial-Impeller, Air Conditioner Plant SWSI & DWDI Fan & Impeller, Material Handling Blower.

3) OTHERS FANS......

All Material Handling fan, Poly Propylene Blower, F.R.P. Blower, Air Curtain, Roots Positive Blower, Cooling DC Motor Blower, Regenerative Blower, Turbo 


Belt Conveyors, Chain Type Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Rotary Air Lock Valve, Rotary Feeder, Dumping Valve, Flap Valve, Divertor Valve, Cyclone, Multi Cyclone,
Cyclone, Turnkey Project for all Material Handling through Pneumatically & Mechanically. 

Cotton, Lint & Seeds Pneumatic Conveying Systems & Ginning Machinery 

Pulse & Corn Conveying Systems, Chemical Powder Handling Systems 

Plastic Granule & Flake Handling Systems, Trim Handling for Alluminium & Paper Industries. 

Oil-fire Rolling Mill Furnace Convert Into Coal-fire Furnace.


Effluent & Solid Waste Incinerator Plant, Medical Waste Incinerator 

Dust Collector Reverse Pulse Jets, Mechanical Hand Bag Shaker, Cyclonic Bag Collector, 

Vapor, Fumes, Mist, Hot air & Gas Exhausting Systems, Pharmacuitical Clean Air Booth,Powder Coating Spray Booth, Air Working Bench & Table, Air-Washer & Scrubber.


LAP (Low Air Pressure) Burner for LDO, Kerosene, Diesel and Furnace Oil, Northern American LDO & Gas Burner, Gas Burner, Benson Burner, Pilot Burner, Ventury Burner, Jet Burner,
Automatic Electric Burner 

Humidity Primary & Secondary Dryer, Hot Air Dryer, Humidity Dryer, Chain Dryer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Oven Electrically & Burner Type 

Hot Air Generator, Hot Air Boiler, 

Hot Air Blower, Hot Air Electrical Heater Blower 

The firm already caters of all market in different industries such as.......... 

Ceramic,Cement, Chemical, Plastic Industries, Process Technoloy, Pharmacuitical, Textile, Ginning, Spinning, Textile Process Houses, Agricultures, Power-Looms, Steel-Rolling Mill, Foundry, Heat Treatment, Hot & Drum Mix Plant, Rubber, Cold Storage, Guar Gum Industries, Mines, Railway, Aveation, Reaserch Organisions, Consultants, Machineries Manufacturers, Projects & Many other Industries.

As for expanding our working area, We are supplying Air-Products According to customized specifications of our valued customers.

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